Proud Sponsors



It’s never too early to start planning for this years' Southwest Washington Fair ~ the area’s largest and most popular community event. And we want to be sure you and your company are a part of all the fun in 2017. Sponsorship from folks like you is the lifeline keeping our Fair alive and growing.

What’s In It For You:
Last year’s Fair drew some 90,000 + people from all over the region. More people than the entire population of Lewis County! Which means massive
…exposure … exposure … exposure for you and your company. Hands-on, up close & personal contact with 90,000+ people. Some years it’s even more. Much more.

The 2017 Fair is the perfect opportunity to:

  • Get your name & logo known.
  • Hold a drawing to build your all-important customer list. (Example: a local car dealership held a drawing for a free trip to a big time national rodeo - folks filled out a drawing slip as they entered each gate).
  • Sponsor an activity that establishes your business as an expert in your field.
  • Test market a new product, price or service. (Example: a gardening store sponsors a gardening information booth on Senior Day).
  • Give back to the community and you do something good for your own bottom line at the same time.
  • Create your own positive publicity. Tell the public your story and tout your achievements. Build goodwill.

Your Fair Sponsorship can be as exciting and unique as your imagination (and, we’ll gladly give you a helping hand).

  • Sponsor a contest using your product, or using your product as the grand prize. (A grocery store sponsors a pie-eating contest).
  • Sponsor something totally unique, like the smile contest– a sure-fire way to get tons of publicity and media coverage.
  • Sponsor a concert, show or activity aimed at your target customers ~ seniors, kids, families, or teens. Hint: we’ve got over 8,000 “senior” households in Lewis County alone. How about more “stuff” for these folks ~ especially if they are your customers? Hmm?
  • Here’s a new idea ~ a sponsorship for the parking passes ~ about 5,000 each year ~ and the Fair will attach your coupon to every single one of ‘em.

Listen: There are a ton of ideas for you. You’ll be surprised. Pleasantly surprised.

Call the fair office today, at (360) 740-1495, and lets see how we can make a Fair sponsorship work for you, or email us at:

You’ll be glad you did.

Most Sincerely,
Southwest Washington Fair Staff

P.S. It’s true. Using Fair sponsorship as part of your marketing/advertising program gives you an unfair advantage over the competition ~ no matter what kind of business you’re in.

P.P.S. The dates for the 2017 Southwest Washington Fair are August 15-20. It’s officially our 108th edition of the Southwest Washington Fair. Big publicity and promotion is planned. Why not join us and get your share. Call today ...(360) 740-1495.